Petit Pois by Viviana G.

A graduate from Parsons School of Design, designer Viviana Gabeiras lives and breathes fashion. She has been featured in numerous publications including the cover of Women's Wear Daily and is the recent recipient of the 'Best Prêt-à-Porter Designer' for her line Petit Pois by Viviana G.

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    Style. It starts from within, a sense of understanding oneself. It’s the way one walks and talks, the totality of one’s self-projection. It takes discipline to be consistent day in and day out, in creating this image of self. Some are born with it, but it can also be cultivated. Beauty can be part of style, but it is not a prerequisite. Beauty fades; style grows better with age. Money is helpful, but one can possess style and not a for- tune. Style can be expressed naturally, or thought out carefully. A woman with “Style” is capable of changing with fashion, but without sacrific- ing her own style. To project it, it takes self confidence, a sense of curiosity about one- self. Who are some of the women, past, present and maybe future, with this “it” ? For style, you have to accept what you are as a woman. You take what’s best for you, not the newest look in clothes. There are those women, not necessarily, the most physically beautiful, who are able to make themselves arresting with an exotic style. As we remember, the always outspoken Diana Vreeland, she was a consultant to the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and editor at Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines and who was called “The Delphi Oracle of Fashion”. In her 80’s, she by passes skirts for slim straight pants worn with tunics and sweaters for day and pants or long dresses for evening. Other of our most memorable women of style are: Katherine Hepburn, the pub- lic-private mystery style, that of the determinedly individualistic actress who thumbed her nose at conventions and who did so much to popularize man-tailored clothes. Coco Chanel, was certainty a woman of style, still today her look thrives. Cecil Beaton, The chronicler of fashion, once wrote: “Coco Chanel threw a man’s overcoat around her shoulders in a chilly day aboard the Duke of Westminster’s yacht, and sud- denly fashion conscious women throughout the world were doing the same”. In to- day’s society some of our most stylish celebrities are influencing women’s style and they have the power to make famous and bring to the spotlight designers by wearing their creations or as well, in our contemporary fashion society: “Stylists”. 
    What does style means, by all meanings?. Style is to know how to move the clothes and how to make them live. Fashion is not an art, painting is an art by itself and ones has to make fashion an art with style. Clothing is a craft process, like an artistic expression covering the body with different media and factors, but wearing them with style!, is a different story. 

    Posted on Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

    The Muse

    See my style through my muse, Athina Klioumi de Marturet - model, actress and amazing woman.

    In celebration of the upcoming 15 year anniversary of my company, Petit Pois by Viviana G, I have chosen Athina as my muse. She represents my 3 biggest influences in designing and the reunification of that expression — Europeans, Hispanics & Americans. 

    I present to you, Athina Divina in Couture by Viviana G!

    (A special THANK YOU to the following: jewelry by Tarbay; hair + makeup by Roberto Ramos; photography by Anibal Mestre; and designer’s assistant, Nicole Moya)

    Posted on Wednesday, April 23rd 2014